Message from Managing Director

When my thoughts direct me
To the place, where I’ll be free
And the voices of those angels
Are audible to my ears
To the place where I may
Have a smile to smile
And a moment of joy to shade
Where happiness starts and the pains fade…

Yes, Swapnabhumi is such a place! It is the representation of where your soul wants to traverse, where you
feel like building a castle of your own, where you can derive the pleasure of being in touch with Nature. This
dreamland is not beyond your reach; you don’t have to wait for it year after year either. It is completely
ready for you. No land-fill, no leveling. You can grow here your favorite veg plants to get fresh produce, or
plant the fruit saplings or adorn it with dazzling colorful flowers. Just make a purchase and get it registered
instantly, then make it a place of your dream.
Try to understand;
I will take you to dreamland.
So, please hold my hand.

M Milon Hassan

Managing Director Bhumi Properties Ltd

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