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Bhumi Group is one of the fastest-growing groups of companies in Bangladesh which has attained overwhelming success in providing unparalleled level of client service since the very inception of our journey in 2016 because we, who run the companies, are blessed with honesty, clarity and trust which are the driving force to reign in any particular business arena. We do not waver to anticipate reaching the zenith of success in all sectors before long. We firmly believe that our clients are our greatest assets; their satisfaction is our pleasure. Keeping this ethos in mind, we love to concentrate on striving for excellent returns for our clients against their investments. Truly speaking, business is not for the sake of business; it has the implication of some social accountability that must be ensured by business concerns for a better society, for a better place to live in.

We initiated our entrepreneurship with Bhumi Garments and Bhumi Properties Limited. By dint of our devotion, perseverance, willingness to benefit our clients and above all our sense of responsibility we have achieved extraordinary success in these two ventures. The secrets of our success in business lie in the fact that we do everything judged from moral perspective. We always take prompt action for the benefits of our clients.

As far as Bhumi Properties Limited is concerned, the total land of our projects is registered in the name of the company. We never sell unregistered plots of land to any client because we don’t like keeping them anxious about the improbability of getting their land in due time. Besides, any client can get their plots registered instantly on the full payment of the land price. Compared to the location of our projects, the plots are reasonably priced. Moreover, we never launch any project if it is not in the prime location. Furthermore, we always sell raised land which saves a substantial amount of construction cost. Finally, our projects are all electrified. It means you can start living there right now. We invite you to have a look at our projects. If they please you, let’s hold a talk. We are committed to ensure such a dwelling place for our esteemed clients that they will enjoy all modern civic facilities (e.g. educational institution, hospitals, prayer house, playground, shopping mall, children’s park, wide carpeted roads etc.), along with the tender touch of nature.

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